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1. Introduction

We do everything in our power to protect your privacy when using our services. To this end, we have created this Cookies Policy.
Our Cookies Policy defines and explains how information strings called cookies (cookies) are saved and available on your devices when using our website.
We use cookies and similar technologies on our website solely for the purpose of providing services electronically by Glob Agency Ltd with headquarters in 590 Kingston Road, London, SW20 8DN, United Kingdom.

2. Definitions

For the purposes of this Cookie Policy, the following terms have the appropriate meanings as defined below:

  • “Administrator / my” – means Glob Agency Ltd with headquarters in 590 Kingston Road, London, SW20 8DN, United Kingdom, which provides services electronically, as well as saves and uses information on users’ devices of the website.
  • “Our portals / portal / services / service” – means websites (websites / portals) in our possession and managed by the Administrator under the following domains:;;;;;;; and subdomains as well as services offered by these portals.
  • “User / users” – is a natural or legal person who visits, uses, moves or otherwise uses our site and services offered there, while complying with applicable laws and regulations and recommendations of the administrator.
  • “Device / devices” – are electronic devices such as personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., used by the user to enter and navigate the website.
  • “Browser / web browsers” – is a program / programs installed on the device that allows the user to use the Internet and thus from our site. The most popular Internet browsers are: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The user can at any time change the settings of his web browser to prevent cookies to access his device.
  • “Cookies / cookies” – means encoded files with data and a unique identifier, in particular with text information, which web servers send and write on devices used while using the Internet. Almost all websites and internet service providers use cookies. Cookies are used mainly to identify the user of websites and to observe and support its activities on the Internet. Cookies can be divided into the following categories: fixed, also called permanent and session, or temporary. Cookies can also be divided into ‘own’, ‘third party / foreign’ and so-called ‘flash cookies’. Used in this Cookies Policy, the term cookies (cookies) refers to both actual cookies and similar technologies and tools used in a similar way to cookies.
  • “Permanent / permanent cookies” – are created by our website and stored on user’s devices until the expiration date of cookies expires. Thus, “permanent / permanent cookies” remain on the hard drive of the user’s device after the end of the session on our website and after turning off the web browser. Permanent / permanent cookies can be deleted at any time using the web browser settings.
  • “Session / temporary cookies” – are created by our website and stored on user devices only until the end of each session. Thus, when disabling the web browser, “session / temporary cookies” are removed from the user’s device.
  • “Own cookies” – these are both “permanent / permanent” as well as “session / temporary” cookies created solely by our website. “Own cookies” are read and used only by our site.
  • “Third party cookies / foreign cookies” also referred to as “analytical” – may be used on our site by other websites or by other internet service providers, for example by advertisers using our website or our business partners. “Third Party Cookies” are also used by software providers to use the Internet, such as browsers and search engines. “Third party cookies” are used primarily to analyze user activity on the Internet. The user can deactivate at any time “Third-party cookies” by changing the settings of your web browser accordingly.
  • “Flash cookies” use many websites that use the Adobe Flash Player application to, for example, provide the user with content containing movies and video games. Adobe Flash Player uses its own cookies to collect information about users’ preferences and track their behavior on the Internet.

3. The way and purposes of using cookies on the website

  • EU law regarding cookies requires that the website user may obtain information on how and for what purpose the website uses cookies, and that he / she has the opportunity to express his consent to save and recover cookies from the device that he uses to navigate the website . According to these requirements, every user entering our site is asked to agree to the use of cookies in accordance with the rules of this Cookie Policy. In this way, the user gains more control over his privacy on the Internet.
  • We do not use cookies to discover or otherwise use your identity or personal information. In general, cookies on our site are used to improve the services offered and to develop good solutions for the user, through a better understanding of the practice of using our website.
  • We use or may use “own cookies”, both “session / temporary” and “permanent / permanent” to:
    • Administer / manage a website;
    • Identify devices used by the user to use our site;
    • Allow faster loading of the page and its elements onto the user’s device;
    • Keep user login details;
    • Remember the user’s name and password for subsequent identification;
    • Verify users;
    • Identify users returning to the site;
    • Remember user preferences on the page;
    • Identify subscribers for specific websites on the site;
    • Observe user activity on the site;
    • Adjust the content of the page to the needs of users;
    • Provide services according to the needs of users;
    • Monitor page performance;
    • Improve the usability of the page;
    • Analyze how users use the site;
    • Conduct research and make analyzes to improve the quality of the site;
    • Collect statistical and analytical data related to the use of the site;
    • Improve website security and prevent abuse and fraud;
    • Provide users with an ad and other marketing information that we think may be useful;
    • Receive email;
    • Lead electronic banking;
    • Carry out and secure the sale of products and services;
    • Remember the contents of the basket of products and services.
  • When using our website, the user’s device may also contain “third party cookies / foreign cookies” and “flash cookies” used, for example, by our business partners, advertisers on the website, web browsers or the Adobe Flash Player application. “Third party cookies / foreign cookies” are usually used to:
    • Observe the activity of users’ web browsers;
    • Create user profiles and their behavior on the Internet;
    • Place ads and marketing information that may be of interest to users.
  • In addition, we reserve the right to use tools such as Google Analytics to analyze how users use the site. Google Analytics uses cookies that are saved on user devices to collect statistical data about the way the website is used. The information obtained through Google Analytics is used to compile reports on the use of the website. You can read the Google privacy policy at:
  • The cookies used by our website do not contain any information that could detect your personal data. However, we reserve the right to combine personal data that you have voluntarily provided us with data obtained through the use of cookies.
  • We use only cookies that are safe for users’ devices. We guarantee that our “own cookies” are not able to do any harm to the software and devices of the user who uses our site. Our “own cookies” do not transfer and do not help to carry any viruses, Trojans, malware or other unwanted applications.

4. Acceptance, blocking and deletion of cookies

  • Most of the default settings of web browsers allow cookies to be loaded onto users’ devices. For this reason, the user who wants to use our site usually does not have to change the settings of his browser. The user’s device automatically accepts cookies used by our site. However, the user will be warned that our site uses cookies and will have the opportunity to accept or reject our Cookie Policy.
  • If the user does not want cookies from our site to be saved on his device, or he does not accept our Cookie Policy, he can either change the settings of his web browser or opt out of using our site.
  • If the user does not want cookies from our site to be saved on his device, or he does not accept our Cookie Policy, he can either change the settings of his web browser or opt out of using our site.
  • If the user wants to block all or selected types of cookies, he should change his browser settings accordingly. Detailed information on this subject can be found in the “Help” function of the web browser.
  • If the user wishes to be informed each time a new cookie file is to be saved on his device so that he can accept or reject it, he should change the settings of his web browser accordingly. Detailed information on this subject can be found in the “Help” function of the web browser.
  • Blocking all or selected types of cookies can significantly reduce the functionality and performance of the web browser, because many of the basic properties and services of our site are only available via cookies.
  • However, using the web browser settings, the user is not able to manage the “flash cookies” that the Adobe Flash Player application uses. If the user wants to determine which websites can save “flash cookies” on his device, he should visit the website storage settings panel on the Adobe website. The user may at any time delete cookies stored on his device using the settings of his web browser for this purpose. Detailed information on this subject can be found in the “Help” function of the web browser.

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